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Stop the Holiday Chaos with FuneralCall!

Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner? These are such special moments to spend with our family and friends, but sometimes these moments aren't so easy to come by for funeral directors. Stop the holiday chaos with.


5 Reasons for Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

When the phone rings in your funeral home or office, you’re forced to stop what you’re doing and answer it. This can become inconvenient and even rude if you’re dealing with a family. Many funeral homes and companies are making.


3 Easy Ways to Impress Your Clients

As receptionists taking calls daily, it is imperative that we impress our callers. But what about the times your lines are un-forwarded and it’s YOUR team who’s in charge? Don’t worry! Here are a few quick tips to leave your.


Photography at Funerals | Yes or No?

Taking photos at funerals is becoming more and more popular, but do YOU find it ethical? Some may find it disrespectful while others see an opportunity to capture an event that, in the moment, may seem devastating but once they’re.


FuneralCall Tips | How to Be a Successful Receptionist

Any funeral home that presents itself well requires exceptional communication with their families. Our FuneralCall receptionists have the ability to connect with customers and provide a comfortable environment for them, but being a receptionist isn’t easy and requires various skills..


FuneralCall Feature Spotlight | Web Messaging Video

Here at FuneralCall, we provide our clients with an online web dashboard, where they can easily update service arrangements, set up on-call personnel, and enter their web messaging portal.

We understand the importance of a death call for your funeral home,.

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