Protect Your Calls with our Georgia Answering Service

We’re proud to say FuneralCall is solely based in Georgia. Our studio is located just West of Atlanta, and all of our Receptionists are in-house. No outsourcing here! So, how can our Georgia Answering Service protect your funeral home’s calls?




Movin’ On Up | FuneralCall 2018 Promotions

We take such pride in our FuneralCall Receptionists and their advancements. Being a family owned company, the employees here literally become a part of the family! Join us in congratulating these FuneralCall employees and their newest positions.




How Does It Work? | Our Funeral Home Answering Services

If you’ve never worked with funeral home answering services, it came seem a bit overwhelming. Every service is different, but allow us to walk you through the way our FuneralCall Answering Services work.


Set Up Your Script

At FuneralCall, we pride ourselves.