The Benefit of FAQ Buttons on Your FuneralCall Account

In case you haven’t heard, your FuneralCall Answering Service account is 100% customized to fit your specific business. With that being said, we also internally customize FAQ Buttons on your script, so that our receptionists are never caught off guard..


Team Member Advancements | FuneralCall Answering Service

Please join us in congratulating the latest advancements and promotions here at FuneralCall! Our team is always working hard to the best they can be, and we never let that go unnoticed.


Lead Receptionists

A Lead Receptionist, or “Team Lead”, is there.

Protect Your Calls with our Georgia Answering Service

We’re proud to say FuneralCall is solely based in Georgia. Our studio is located just West of Atlanta, and all of our Receptionists are in-house. No outsourcing here! So, how can our Georgia Answering Service protect your funeral home’s calls?