3 Easy Ways to Impress Your Clients

As receptionists taking calls daily, it is imperative that we impress our callers. But what about the times your lines are un-forwarded and it’s YOUR team who’s in charge? Don’t worry! Here are a few quick tips to leave your clients impressed and ready to spread the word about their great funeral home!

Tone of Voice: In the funeral industry, we have to be cautious of the tone of our caller to determine the tone we use in return. Does this first time caller sound timid or insecure? This may be a death call- the most important of calls you will receive. Make sure your tone is one of patience and sensitivity; as you know, this is a difficult time for your caller. Maybe this caller is wanting to make pre-arrangements? Know your stuff! Make sure you are confident in the services you offer, but with a positive tone.

Call-Backs: Following up with a client is a crucial but easy way to solidify that relationship. They will be surprised and pleased that you were willing to offer that extra step of service.

Emails & Handwritten Notes: Another simple way to “wow” your clients is to send a simple, kind email or note. No matter how far we advance in the technical world, people will always love receiving a letter in the mail. It never fails to put a smile on their face!Impress Your Clients_FuneralCall

How do you impress your clients? We’d love to hear your tips!

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