4 Ways Answering Your Own Phones Is Causing Harm to Your Funeral Home

In the funeral industry, you want to be as hands-on as possible; however, delegating certain tasks can be just as important. For example, answering your own phone calls is one of those tasks that would be better if handled by a funeral home answering service. Here are 4 ways answering your own phone can be doing more bad than good in your funeral home or business.



If you’re too busy trying to catch the phone every time it rings, you’re wasting valuable time. Not to mention all of the interruptions it causes after-hours. We get it, you MUST be available to your families and customers at all times, but this is where a funeral home answering service shines.



Are each of your staff members trained for customer service calls? First impressions are everything in the funeral business. Our live receptionists are trained daily on how to handle your calls with the utmost professionalism and empathy. We’re here to make you look good.



Answering your calls in-house drives up the cost of your business. Hiring a full time receptionist to answer the phones is much more expensive than hiring a funeral home answering service. Not to mention we’re available 24/7 – it’d be outrageous to pay someone hourly to be available 24/7.


Missing Calls

It’s just a fact: There’s bound to be a missed call here or there. This is not the case with an answering service. It may only be a service information call, but it could also be a Death Call and you can’t afford to miss it. Keep in mind, with a flexible answering service such as FuneralCall you can forward your phones whenever you need some extra help, and then take back the lines when you ready.


A Funeral Home Answering Service is the Solution

An answering service is not only a cost-efficient answer to your call-handling, but it also boosts your customer service. FuneralCall offers fully customized accounts so that we become an extension of your staff. Your callers and families will never know the difference.

Give FuneralCall a try today with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.