More Than Just Taking Messages | Answering Service for Funeral Directors

Unlike a generic answering service, FuneralCall – the answering service for funeral directors, is dedicated to providing much more than just basic message taking. Because we specialize in the funeral industry, we offer a much more customized service. These three reasons alone are enough to do your research about our answering services.


No More Missed Calls. It’s simple – Missing a call means missing a sale. Worse, missing a call from a family could potentially lose you a lifetime of business. Our answering service for funeral directors is here to catch every call, no matter the time of day.

Lasting First Impressions. You only get one chance at it; why not trust your first impressions with trained receptionists? Our receptionists are not only all in-house in our studio in Georgia, but they’re trained extensively on the funeral industry. They know how to treat your families with care and compassion and they’re sure to leave a lasting first impression.

Save You Money. How much are you spending on your receptionist? How much time is spent constantly fielding calls on your cell? Stop the madness! Our answering service for funeral directors can act the same as your in-house receptionist but for a fraction of the cost; not to mention we’re available 24/7 so stop wasting your valuable time answering a call about obituary information at 10pm. We got you covered.

Our customer service alone shows we are more than your average answering service for funeral directors. We take pride in offering the best live answering services in the industry and according to our clients, we are doing just that.

answering service for funeral directors“FuneralCall provides the utmost level of professional and friendly service that is personally catered to the needs of our business. They are an invaluable solution for our business.” – JD Daly, Collins and Marietta Funeral Homes
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