How FuneralCall Does Client Relations

At FuneralCall, we are proud to say we have retained some fantastic long-term clients over the years. Any opportunity we have to serve them and their families is truly rewarding for our receptionists. We recently sat down with our Client Relations Director, Karen, to discuss how FuneralCall builds these lasting relationships and just how our Client Relations Department operates.

1. What is your job at FuneralCall?

I am the Client Relations Director. I am responsible for making sure our team checks in with our clients periodically regarding our answering services to see how things are going. We offer help with any questions, and sometimes we give suggestions on trying new features such as our new API Integration and Mobile App.

2. What is your favorite part about your job?

I love getting to know our clients on a more personal level. I’m a chatter box, as we all know, so it’s really fun getting to talk to our awesome clients all day long.FuneralCall Client Relations

3. How does FuneralCall do things different when it comes to Client Relations?

We tend to give our clients a more family-like atmosphere when dealing with us so they’re more comfortable and we can be more genuine. It also helps that our receptionists truly care for our clients and their families, which is made known through little things such as our handwritten notecards. It’s the small things that make a huge difference.

4. Do you have a favorite tip for building those lasting relationships?

Honesty. Keep it real with your clients and be as transparent as possible. I believe our clients respect the fact that we don’t put on a front when speaking to them. They know they can talk to us just as if we really were a part of their staff, and we love that about our relationships.

5. What do you think is the most important factor when it comes to keeping a customer’s business?

Staying in contact with them. I’m not going to lie, it’s a constant effort when you have as many clients as we do but that’s why we have a department dedicated to doing so. We contact them as much as possible to keep everyone on the same page and happy.

Thanks to Karen for giving us a peek inside the Client Relations Department here at FuneralCall. We consider ourselves extremely privileged to assist in the lives of our clients and their families. Thank you to all of our clients for your continued support and business!