Tradition or Not: It’s Time to Explore an Answering Service for Funeral Homes

We hear it daily: “We’ve been running this funeral home for over 100 years and never had an answering service. We don’t need one now.” Tradition is a big deal in the funeral industry; however, when it comes to hiring an answering service, it’s time to take a step back and truly analyze the benefits of one. It may just be worth the risk.


Let’s take a gander at some great advantages of hiring a funeral home answering service.


Recorded calls

Most answering services offer the ability to listen to your recorded messages. This can be a handy tool for several reasons. One, there’s no more “he said, she said” conflict with your staff. Also, yes “the client is always right” but sometimes…they’re not. Recorded calls are a huge benefit to backtracking and making sure your customer service is spot on.


The obvious: 24/7 availability

This is something most directors feel they can manage on their own, and for the most part they’re probably right. However, there’s always that instance when you’re out on a service, driving somewhere, sleeping – and you can answer the call, but how awful does it sound to your family who just experienced a loved one passing to hear “let me give you a call back in about an hour”?


First Calls are too important to miss

We all know how important a First Call is in the funeral industry; miss one and you risk losing the client or worse, that family spreading word and ruining your hard earned reputation. But what if you had the reputation of always answering your calls with a live, friendly human being who is helpful and professional? No more missed First Calls, which means more money in your pocket.


Change is hard. It’s especially hard handing over your funeral home and allowing it to be represented by an outside firm. However, rest assured; a funeral home answering service is well-versed and well worth the risk. The customer service and benefits you’ll receive will give you the ultimate peace of mind – you’ll never look back!


We don’t mean to brag but if you’re looking to try one, you won’t find a service better than FuneralCall. Give us a try with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!