Meet the Family Behind the Family-Owned Answering Service, FuneralCall

Good customer service is hard to come by these days, but throw in a family-owned business providing good customer service and you have a true gem. We are more than proud to be family-owned and operated and servicing the funeral industry for over 27 years now. So, who’s the family behind this family-owned answering service called FuneralCall? Allow us to introduce you!


Back in the day when pagers were all the rage, Wayne and Patty decided to start up an answering service after providing security solutions for the residents of their local town. After realizing the need for a true extension of their staff, they began servicing the funeral homes in the area and thus FuneralCall was born. 27 years later, the business has grown exponentially but Wayne and Patty continue to instill those key values and make it their mission to provide the highest quality live answering service available.


Wayne, Owner / CEO

Wayne is a total geek – Tech Geek that is! Anything and everything electronic, he knows it inside and out and always has the latest new “toy”. Wayne loves to travel. He and Patty have been ALL over the world whether it be for work, mission trips, or just for fun. Wayne has a true entrepreneurial spirit and is constantly being asked for advice from fellow business owners. He’s an outstanding vision-caster for FuneralCall, and we can’t wait to see what he dreams up next. Fun Fact: Wayne personally designed the FuneralCall logo!

Patty, Owner / CFO

Patty is the budget-cruncher. Also lovingly referred to as “Project Patty” because she can take any size project or event and organize the daylights out of it! Patty actually encouraged Wayne to step into the funeral industry, knowing it personally. Her father was a monument dealer and she spent her childhood “riding headstones like horseys”. Patty enjoys supporting her local community; she serves on several boards and is always working on some sort of project…shocker! Fun Fact: Patty was a school teacher for 6 years! (She homeschooled Emily from 3rd until 8th grade)


Adam, Vice President

Adam is the son-in-law of Wayne and Patty; he’s held to some pretty high standards but he always exceeds them. Adam manages the business on a daily basis and is the most encouraging person you’ll ever meet. In his spare time, he’s usually wood-working or playing golf. Fun fact: Adam is originally from Missouri and ended up in the South for college baseball!


Emily, Director of Marketing

Growing up, Emily always wanted to be a part of the family business. She worked at FuneralCall off and on throughout her teenage years but officially came on board a little over 5 years ago. She’s the daughter of Wayne and Patty and there’s no denying it; she gained every ounce of their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Adam and Emily do not currently have kids, but they do have their French Bulldog Yadi who is just as spoiled. Fun Fact: Emily has been singing at their home church since she was 12 years old!


Jake, Programming Assistant

Jake took after his dad for sure – he is just a techy. He assists our Programming Department with all the coding and account building processes that go way over the rest of the family’s heads. Jake has always been taking things apart just so he can figure out a new way to put it back together; he’s constantly finding new ways for our staff to do their jobs more efficiently. His husky Ghost is a beauty, and you can usually find him taking him for walks in his spare time. Fun Fact: Jake has his Pilot License!


And now you know the family behind the family-owned answering service, FuneralCall! For more information about the rest of the team, visit our About Us Page.

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