Our Free Funeral Home Answering Service Features

If you’re searching for the perfect answering service for 2018, we hope you’ll do your research as not all answering services are the same. For example, at FuneralCall our extra features are 100% free of charge. What are these free features you may ask?



Text Messaging and Email

Your FuneralCall account is completely customized to fit your requests. We can text your messages to you or email them, or both. If you’re the boss man(woman), we can make it so that you receive all messages, while each director only receives the messages directed to them. All this, for free.

FuneralCall On The Go Mobile App

We pride ourselves on our simple, easy to use mobile app. Our directors love it too! (and that it’s included in their plan!)

“The FuneralCall App allows our staff to know what calls have come in and triage them appropriately. We couldn’t be more pleased.” – Ryan Cashett, Cashett Family Funeral Home

funeral home answering service features

FirstCall Notice®

Death Calls are most important in the funeral industry; why would we charge to send you an alert when one comes in? It’s our job! On our Mobile App, you’ll even receive an audible “You have a FirstCall Notice” push notification, so that you are always one step ahead.


Recorded Calls

Not only do we record every call on your account but we place them on your online dashboard for your to take a listen whenever you please. This gives you the ability to check in and see exactly how our customer service team is representing your funeral home. Just another free funeral home answering service feature of ours!


Connecting or Patching

This one’s a biggie. Most funeral home answering services charge extra to connect a caller to you. Though this does cost us extra to do so, we do not believe in charging our clients. Again, why else would you hire us if not to act as a true receptionist for your business? And that means patching calls through to you. This feature is also free with FuneralCall.


And Many More

From Daily Email Summaries, to Call Blocking, we can do it all without charging you a dime. Why would we? We’re here to service you and your funeral home with ultra transparency. It’s our promise!


To learn more about our funeral home answering service features, visit our Features Page.


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