Movin’ On Up | FuneralCall 2018 Promotions

We take such pride in our FuneralCall Receptionists and their advancements. Being a family owned company, the employees here literally become a part of the family! Join us in congratulating these FuneralCall employees and their newest positions.






Kaycee | We don’t know when Kaycee sleeps, but she is the best when it comes to managing our 3rd shift team. She is always going above and beyond to assist in anything we ask of her.



Yovanna | Yovanna is a true gem. She’s not only one of our bilingual Receptionists, but she is also one of our Training Team Leaders. She is fantastic at teaching all about the funeral industry and how to truly display compassion.



Alex | You want a hard worker? You got it with this one! Alex is tremendous at managing the team during our evening rush. She’s does a great job of encouraging them to catch those calls in a positive atmosphere.



Lead Receptionists


Katie | A Lead Receptionist means being a point of contact and an aid to all supervisors; Katie does just that and more. She is always ready and willing to help her fellow Receptionists with any questions they may have regarding an account or client. Katie makes it her mission to be well-versed, and it pays off!



Brigit | You won’t find another sweeter soul than Brigit. This and her work ethic were key factors in her promotion. She’s great with giving the team constructive criticism without them feeling any self-doubt in their performance.



Keri | Keri is very deserving of this promotion, as she had been taking on the roll on her own for quite a while. Keri is the ultimate encourager; via our in-house communication program, she is always cheering her team on throughout the day with positive quotes and funny memes.



Congrats, team! We know we are headed towards greatness with this team of leadership.