How Does It Work? | Our Funeral Home Answering Services

If you’ve never worked with funeral home answering services, it came seem a bit overwhelming. Every service is different, but allow us to walk you through the way our FuneralCall Answering Services work.



Set Up Your Script

At FuneralCall, we pride ourselves on offering the most custom service out there. The way we’re able to do this is with your account’s script. This is what our Receptionists use when they answer calls on your account.

You provide us with the questions and information you would like for us to ask/gather, and we program it in. For example, you tell us if you want us to take down detailed information, or just a name and phone number. The options are endless and 100% up to you.


Forward Your Lines

Once the programmers have set up your account, you simply forward your phone lines to us whenever you need us. Doing so is very easy, it just depends on your phone provider. You will press *72 or 72# and enter the forwarding number we provide. That’s it!


Ring, Ring, Ring!

When a call comes in for your funeral home, it’s answered by one of our live Receptionists with your personalized answer phrase. “Thank you for calling Jones Funeral Home, this is Kristen. How may I help you?” From there, they effectively listen to what the caller is needing, and follow your script to figure out the best way to assist.


How and when we contact you is also programmed into your account. We can call you for only death calls and text all other messages. We can call you and deliver all of your messages. Or we can do a mix of both. Whatever works best for you and your staff, we will make it happen!


Receiving Your Messages

You can view your messages in a variety of ways through our funeral home answering services.

  • Text Messages
  • Email Messages
  • Daily Email Summary
  • FuneralCall On The Go Mobile App
  • Web Dashboard
  • Check In Line


Want more information? Contact us today! We’d love to answer any and all of your questions.