Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from the FuneralCall Team

Did you just now realize Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday? No need to panic! We interviewed a few of our FuneralCall Mothers to see what they would enjoy receiving, even if it were a last minute gift.

 Keri, Receptionist:

“You can’t go wrong with Candles. The smell good kind or even aromatherapy; you can grab them from Bath and Body works and be done in less than 10 minutes!”


Amber, Call Center Director:

“Do you know how stressful it is to be a mom? Just kidding but seriously, I would love to receive a Massage gift certificate to get away and relax.”


Deborah, Lead Receptionist:

“I’m more traditional, I enjoy handwritten cards. Truly sincere cards where they took time to sit and write a sweet note to their mom. That’s only a couple bucks!”


BONUS! Karen, Client Relations Director:

“Okay, mine is a little more complicated but I think it would be great to get a coupon book of 12 things my son would do for me each month. Like take me to dinner, clean my house, etc. That would be a very thoughtful gift!”
Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mothers out there! We appreciate you all!