Cost Reducing Strategies for Your Answering Service

These days, funeral directors and other professionals in the industry are cutting every corner in order to save their hard earned money. A large percentage of our clients are family owned and operated funeral homes.

This fact contributes to our main.

FAQs for Your Funeral Home

Frequently asked questions, commonly referred to as “FAQs,” can be the saving grace for anyone in your funeral home who answers the phone.

Do first-time callers tend to ask similar questions? If so, preparing a list of FAQs can be a.


FuneralCall Feature Spotlight |Text Messaging

Text Messaging is one of our most popular features offered. We love this tool because of the many benefits it gives our clients, along with making their lives ten times easier.

Our texting option allows you to receive your messages via.

Your Answering Service | What It Says About You

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes: Are your clients receiving a warm, friendly greeting when they call? Or do they have to endure a robotic, unfriendly tone?

If you have a front desk receptionist who is unwelcoming and constantly turning your.

Distracted Driving | Does It Affect Your Funeral Home?

Distracted driving-verb- driving while engaged in other activities.

Have you or a loved one suffered from a distracted driving accident? Unfortunately it seems you're not alone. Take a look at these numbers:

  • 3,267 deaths were caused by texting and driving.