Creating the Perfect Answering Service Script and Why It Matters

Providing the perfect answering service script is key to setting the receptionists on the right path to a smooth call experience. It doesn’t take much to put one together and if you have a customizable answering service, such as FuneralCall, the process is a piece of cake!



1 Clear and Concise Answer Phrase

This is literally the first impression for your funeral home or business; you don’t want a mile-long greeting but you also don’t want it so short it comes off rude. The perfect blend would be something to the effect of “Thank you for calling Smith Funeral Home. This is Kelly, how may I help you?”


2 Questions to Ask

At FuneralCall, we don’t limit you on the amount of questions you would like for our receptionists however, we do believe in efficiency. Our receptionists do a great job keeping a compassionate tone while taking down information but maybe leaving off less important items such as Next of Kin’s Address could keep your answering service script flowing smoothly and your families happy.


answering service script3 Contacting Methods

Your contacting options are endless here at FuneralCall. We encourage our clients to experiment in the first few weeks to see what fits them best. For example, we can set your account to email your message with a 30 minute repeat so that we’re sure you got the message. Maybe you’d like to be called on every message, especially Death Calls, to be connected? No problem! The choice is yours.


4 Keep Tabs

We also encourage our clients to check in and listen to their messages every now and then, just to make sure we’re performing the way they prefer. Our customer service is known for being top notch, but you may listen and realize you would like for us to change your answer phrase. Our programmers are great about making changes and in a timely manner.


5 Keep Info Fresh

This one cannot be stressed enough. Keeping your account information up to date is CRUCIAL in maintaining the perfect answering service script. We have no clue that Bob left the business 3 months ago; you have to fill us in so that we’re able to relay current information to your families and callers.


The relationship between a funeral home or funeral business and their answering service is almost sacred to a degree; I mean, we do literally become an extension of your staff. Following these steps above will strengthen that bond and keep things running smooth call after call.