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Any funeral home that presents itself well requires exceptional communication with their families. Our FuneralCall receptionists have the ability to connect with customers and provide a comfortable environment for them, but being a receptionist isn’t easy and requires various skills. Here a few quick and easy tips for a successful receptionist.

Tips on being an excellent receptionist:
  • Tech Savvy– Being a receptionist requires a little technology knowledge under their belt to perform well in the workplace. Our answering system itself is a piece of technology, with all of its various keys and separate lines. It is crucial our receptionists understand the importance of technology and how it affects our industry.
  • Listening Skills– Obviously, listening to people is pivotal if you are a receptionist. Whether it is over the phone, answering a client’s question, or relaying a message to someone. We train our receptionists to really listen to our callers and the questions being asked, so that they are better able to solve problems first before connecting the callers with the director on call.
  • Create a Conversational Tone– Being social and personable with people is a skill in itself. Creating a comfortable and inviting environment over the phone in the funeral industry is an essential element in which we look for when choosing our receptionists.
  • Organizational Ability– An organized person is a productive person. A receptionist that has the ability to find documents, pull up phone numbers, and be able to work independently is a well-trained receptionist. Prioritizing is also essential because the nature of the job requires a good bit of multi-tasking.
It has been said that callers can sense if the person they are speaking with over the phone is smiling or not. Here at FuneralCall, our receptionists and their performances reflect a positive attitude and the ability to excel at all of the previously mentioned skills. They know how important it is to you and your families to experience the best quality live answering service.
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