Team Member Advancements | FuneralCall Answering Service

Please join us in congratulating the latest advancements and promotions here at FuneralCall! Our team is always working hard to the best they can be, and we never let that go unnoticed.


Lead Receptionists

A Lead Receptionist, or “Team Lead”, is there to support our Supervisor Team and act as another level of training, leadership, and employee morale for the rest of our FuneralCall Receptionists.


Rachel | Rachel hasn’t been here too terribly long but she has made a huge impression so far. She comes with leadership skills from her previous employment and, paired with her bubbly personality, makes a fantastic asset to the team.



Kenya | Kenya has served both day shift and night, giving her great experience and knowledge to lend to the team. She is outstanding with First Calls and offers quality feedback to others.



Victoria | Victoria is advancing into our Third Shift Team Lead and we couldn’t think of a better fit. She’s not only well-organized, but she’s very aware of what it takes to keep her team motivated.



Congrats! We are excited to see the leadership continually growing!