5 Ways our Funeral Home Answering Service Can Save You Money

When funeral homes want to add an answering service, they usually view it as an additional cost. But in all reality, adding a funeral home answering service to your team saves you a ton. Check out these 5 ways our FuneralCall Answering Services can save you money.



A Receptionist’s Salary

The average salary for a receptionist these days is $30,000/year (Glassdoor). Let’s compare: that’s for ONE receptionist, who works 8 hours a day max. Not to mention sick days, vacation time, lunch breaks… OR you can hire FuneralCall for a fraction of the cost and receive around- the-clock customer service (including holidays) for your families, a must-have in the funeral industry.


Space and Equipment

If you add an additional employee, you have to make room for them. That’s additional costs for office equipment and the space in general. Because our receptionists are offsite, you don’t have to lift a finger.


Recruiting and Training

Finding and hiring the perfect receptionist takes time, which means money. Not to mention, once they’re hired you have to train them. Our funeral home answering service has a dedicated Training Department who will work one on one with our Receptionists so that they become a true extension of your funeral home. Bonus, you never have to worry about your receptionist walking out on you with all that time and money invested in them.


With us, you only pay for the time we are on the phone. With an in-house receptionist, you pay for 8 hours of time…whether they’re answering calls or playing solitaire on the computer. Naturally, you give them other tasks to do in their down time, but this ties them up when the phone actually does ring and they miss it. Cut out the chaos and hire a funeral home answering service.


Time is Money

The most important way our funeral home answering service saves you money is TIME. How much is it worth to you? As a funeral director or owner, there are things only you can do; answering the phone isn’t one of them. Free up your time with FuneralCall.


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