What Makes Our Answering Service For Funeral Homes Different?

Why choose FuneralCall? Well, we’ve always believed in transparency so instead of providing fluffed up reasons such as “because we’re simply the best”, let’s just hit you with the cold hard facts. When it comes to an answering service for funeral homes, these are just a few reasons you should seriously consider FuneralCall.


All-Inclusive Pricing

Let’s begin with the one most concerning, shall we? Price. This is something we pride ourselves on at FuneralCall because we can honestly say when you receive your monthly invoice, you will have just one line item: your monthly minute usage. (If you have a second line item, it would be your overage.) This means ALL of the following features are included in each of our pricing plans:

  • Text Messaging
  • Email Messaging
  • Connecting Time
  • FuneralCall Mobile App
  • Online Dashboard
  • Daily Email Summaries
  • 24/7 Support
  • And more!


Billing Cycle

Speaking of price, be cautious of answering services who charge a “28-Day Billing Cycle”. This may sound more appealing at first, but if you crunch the numbers you actually end up with a 13th bill in the year. We’re based off of a “12-Month Billing Cycle” which, you guessed it, means you only receive 12 invoices in a year.


Family-Owned and Operated

This may seem “fluffy” but having 28 years of experience specializing in funeral homes is a big deal. Also, knowing the ownership of FuneralCall is going to be handed down to the next generation can be very comforting, as no change will occur and our customer service level will stay top-notch.


Charge Per Minute

Here’s another one of those selling features answering services for funeral homes will try to sneak in on you. Yes, charging per-call sounds simple and maybe even less expensive but let’s compare. Solicitors, hang ups, wrong numbers…These calls may last a total of 10 seconds each. With FuneralCall, you would only be charged for the amount of time our operator is on the phone call. 30 seconds versus 3 full calls? Need we say more?



Customer Service Training

This one is quickly becoming less popular with funeral home answering services because, if we’re just being honest, it’s easier to get through the call as efficiently as possible. But what does that say to your families? This is the main edge we hold against the competition; our customer service level is out the roof. Our receptionists are not only trained on all things funeral industry, but they’re taught to treat your callers like actual people, not just another number. If we’re representing your funeral home, you can rest assured you will be represented well.


Finding the perfect funeral home answering service can be tricky. We know FuneralCall may not be the best fit for everyone, but we do offer a fantastic service for many happy clients. If you’re currently searching, we would be honored for you to give us a go. With no contracts and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, why not?

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