Top 3 Things You Should Expect from Your Telephone Answering Service

When hiring a telephone answering service, it’s important to set predefined expectations so that you’re confident you’re receiving the customer service you deserve. Here are a few areas some people tend to overlook when searching for the best answering service for their funeral home or funeral business.

Engaging and compassionate Receptionists

This seems like a no-brainer, but this is not a common training point for most answering services. The majority feel like if they handle the call correctly and do as they’re told, they’ve done their job. However, they’re representing you. One bad call could leave a lasting impression. Be sure to do several test calls with your telephone answering service to ensure you are getting top-notch representatives.


Specific to the industry

A generic telephone answering service may be able to manage your calls at a surface level, but each receptionist has to have basic knowledge of several different industries. This makes it difficult for them to fully understand funeral terminology, which is frustrating for the caller; they instantly realize they are speaking with an answering service. To achieve the highest quality telephone answering service, make it a point to hire a Funeral Specific service so that you know the receptionists are trained on how to properly speak with your families.


24/7 Availability and Support

The funeral industry is all day, everyday. You must be available at all hours of the night – why should you expect anything less from your telephone answering service? Unfortunately, some services only offer certain hours for call answering. Do your research and be certain you hire a service that will not only answer your calls 24/7, but also offer technical support at all hours. If it’s a holiday weekend and you need to change your script, your answering service should be there to help.

Telephone Answering Service_FuneralCall Answering Service


These key features provide you with a great starting point when searching for the best telephone answering service for your business. Now that you’re up to speed and ready to begin your selection, we encourage you to check us out. FuneralCall has been serving the Funeral Industry for over 28 years and we can guarantee you we check off all three of the above mentioned criteria and much more.

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