Core Values

FuneralCall Advantages

1Live Virtual Receptionist

All calls are answered by a live, highly trained professional. No automation or prompts.

2 Comprehensive Answering Plans

We offer comprehensive answering service plans. No need to worry about paying for text messages, emails or FirstCall Notices – it is all included.


FuneralCall has over 28 years as a top answering service for Funeral Directors.

What People Say About Us

The FuneralCall Mission:

About FuneralCall: Over 28 Years as the Premier Answering Service for Directors and the Funeral Industry

It is our mission here at FuneralCall to provide Funeral Directors and funeral homes top quality answering services. We serve as a virtual extension of your business. All of our professionals are highly trained, providing you with the ultimate customer service experience.

What makes our funeral director answering service different?

We only use live receptionists, no prompts or automation. We focus on providing a “boutique” type experience, allowing Funeral Directors, and their callers, to receive top quality services in a more personal manner. Calls are answered quickly, 98% on the first ring, and in a highly professional manner.

What type of plans do we have?

We have several types of affordable plans, but most importantly our plans are customized to fit your funeral home’s needs. You can learn more about our plans on our pricing page.

• Client Focused

FuneralCall’s goal is to effectively act as an extension of your funeral home, providing receptionist solutions that suit your brand and your own funeral home’s mission.

• Creating Value

We partner with clients to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver the highest quality results possible. FuneralCall is geared to provide customers with the same level of service they would get from their own in-house employees.

• Commitment

FuneralCall is dedicated to long-term relationships with employees and client partnerships. Being a family owned and operated business, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our solutions so that our relationships with our clients and employees continue to grow over time.

• Teamwork

Every employee is valued as an important member of the organization, ensuring daily ongoing success of our clients’ mission. We strive to make sure everyone knows that they are an integral part of our successful team.