Account Review and Reports

Everyone’s call volume fluctuates throughout the year. With that being said your service plan needs to accommodate your usage. Why pay for something you do not use or pay extra on overage fees? Our client services department will make sure you do not! We review your usage on a quarterly basis to make sure it is in line with your service plan. If there are any adjustments to be made we will notify you right away. In addition, we will check the formatting of your account and make suggestions to help you bring down your overall cost.

Your usage is available to you at any time and is broken down by a yearly basis or monthly basis. We have reports to show you how many calls are taken and how many minutes are used per call. If you need even more information we can tell you how many times the phone rang, how long the receptionist talked to the caller, how long a caller was put on hold, and even who hung up first: our receptionist or the caller.